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 how would you react?

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PostSubject: how would you react?   how would you react? Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2008 7:40 pm

WE can not please everybody and vice versa specially when we are in the cyber world.. we befriends people here though we haven't meet them personally.. eventhough, we have instinct as to who to mingle with to enjoy our cyber experience..but realistically speaking, there are still people who seems to enjoy rediculing, and insulting people they actually dont know personally..

how would you react if somebody you bump with in the internet like forums is rude, and insensitive to others' feeling through their post/posts? and what you do to avoid being a victim of these people?

i would certainly avoid posting on threads that he/she is active on posting to avoid future problem between us... if she/he insulted somebody better not ignite the fire or provoke both person para hindi na lumaki gulo...and always be on guard of the words and sentence construction i make para hindi maka-invite ng criticism..well, i just learn this later na nga lang...
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PostSubject: Re: how would you react?   how would you react? Icon_minitimeTue Apr 08, 2008 7:51 pm

Agree with you sis!... Nangyari na din sa akin yan.Although,d nia ako personal na kinausap,sa way of posting nia,mararamdaman mong ikaw un kasi nakasunod sia sa bawat post mo.Kaya nga d na ako nagpost after that dahil ayokong bumaba sa level nia.

Yung mga taong ganian,may bitterness... much better na ignore na lang sila rather than argue with them.Mahirap silang patulan dahil sarado ang isip nila sa explanation... peace
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how would you react?
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